Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registering for My FedEx Rewards
    • My friends want to sign up for My FedEx Rewards. Is that possible?
      • Participation in My FedEx Rewards is by invitation only. Your friends can only register for the programme if their FedEx account number has been invited to participate. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

    • My colleague would like to be added as one of the contacts who can access our My FedEx Rewards account. How can I add this colleague as a contact for the programme?
      • It is recommended to have only one representative in your company for the My FedEx Rewards programme. This means that only one name can be registered per account. You can distribute the rewards earned from the My FedEx Rewards programme internally.

    • Can I add another FedEx account number to the FedEx Rewards programme?
      • Each membership in the My FedEx Rewards programme can only be linked to one account number to collect points.

    • When will I know if my registration was successfully completed?
      • Immediately after you complete the registration process, you will be successfully logged into the My FedEx Rewards website. Within 48 hours after you complete registration, you will receive a welcome email to the My FedEx Rewards programme at the email address we have on file.

  • Managing your My FedEx Rewards Profile
    • How do I update our My FedEx Rewards profile?
      • Now that you can sign into the rewards website with your username and password, you also have a profile to manage. To update your profile, please visit the "My Profile" section of the rewards website. Click on Edit and you will be directed to to update your profile information.

    • Why does an alert appear that says my account is suspended?
      • Your membership has been suspended due to the cash status of the account. For more details, contact FedEx Customer Support.

  • Earning My FedEx Rewards Points
    • How can I view my point history?
      • To view your point history, please visit the "My Account" section of the rewards website. There you will find a detailed history of points earned and redeemed.

    • Where can I see my transactions and reward redemptions?
      • To view details about your qualified transactions and point balance, please visit the "My Account" section of the rewards website. To view details about your reward redemptions, please visit the "Order History" section of the rewards website.

    • How do I earn points?
      • As a participant in the My FedEx Rewards programme, you earn points each time you complete an eligible shipment. Your points will start accruing once you have completed the registration process.

        Only shipments sent by the participant may be considered eligible. For every 1 pound you spend on shipping costs (excluding fuel surcharges), you will receive 1 point. Terms and conditions apply; other surcharges or costs may be excluded.

        Points will not be awarded for transactions made prior to complete registration in the Programme. Shipments billed to a third party or paid by any entity other than the shipping account number on the rewards profile are not eligible to earn points. Please note that it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the points credited to your account. You can verify the points earned with eligible shipments to date by viewing the "My Account" section of the rewards website. If you believe there is an error, please contact My FedEx Rewards Customer Support.

    • What are My FedEx Rewards exclusive offers?
      • Take advantage of My FedEx Rewards exclusive offers when they are available. Make sure to activate your offer so that you can earn towards your goal. To see the offers available to you, please view the "Offers" section of the rewards website.

        Exclusive offers are available for a limited time only and are subject to change and additional terms and conditions.

    • When do my points expire?
      • Points will expire 24 months after they were earned. They will expire the 1st day of every month based on the date of the transaction.

    • Why am I no longer getting points for my shipments?
      • You can only save points for eligible shipments. In addition, there is a cap on the total number of points any member can save in a year (year running from January 1 - December 31st), you can only save 138,888 points in a year which amounts to $750 in value (subject to change). If you have saved the maximum number of points in any given year, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you that you are no longer receiving points for your shipments. If you believe you are not receiving points by mistake, please reach out to the My FedEx Rewards Customer Service.

  • Redemption of My FedEx Rewards Points
    • Why can't I redeem my points? I have enough points for the item.
      • Your membership has been suspended due to the cash status of the account. For more details, contact FedEx Customer Support.

    • How quickly will my points be deducted from my account when I redeem for a reward?
      • Points will be deducted immediately from your account once you have clicked "Submit" on the payment detail page. Please wait up to 24 hours until the transaction is reflected in your account.

    • Can I use points from multiple My FedEx Rewards accounts to redeem?
      • No. The points have to be earned by the same member account that is redeeming the points.

    • How can I redeem My FedEx Rewards points?
      • To redeem your points, view the "Rewards" section of the rewards website. Browse the items in the catalogue and select an item to claim. If you have enough points for an item, then you can add the item to your shopping cart. Proceed to complete your transaction or continue viewing catalogue items. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation via email. Items will be mailed to the address listed on the primary profile. If the address needs to be updated, please log into and update your profile. Then log into the rewards website and complete your transaction. Once you complete your transaction, the point value will be automatically deducted from your points total.

    • How will the deduction of points appear on my account?
      • Please view the "My Account" section of the rewards website to see the point deductions.

    • Can I transfer my points to another account or redeem my points for cash?
      • Neither rewards nor points are transferable, and neither can be exchanged for cash.

    • Why does a reward suddenly costs more/less points to redeem?
      • Points may be used to redeem available Rewards. The value of points is set in dollars and converted to local currency using an annual exchange rate. Every year on June 1st, we will review the value of your points balance in line with this exchange rate. The value of your points, and the associated cost of rewards may vary accordingly though may not be updated every year.

    • Why can't I redeem a specific gift voucher? I have enough points for the item.
      • For some selected gift voucher brands, a limit on redemption of 13,888 points per year is in place. If you try to redeem more than 13,888 points against such a brand, an error will appear. This redemption limit is reset every year on January 1st.

  • Selecting Reward Item in Rewards Catalogue
    • I am looking for a specific reward and after reviewing the categories I cannot find what I am looking for. Is there any way to search for a reward?
      • Use the search window on the rewards catalogue page. The search box is located near the statement "Do you know what you are looking for?". Enter your search words into the box then click the magnifying glass icon to search.

    • Previously I saw a reward in the catalogue that I really liked but now I'm not able to find it again. Is it possible to still order a reward item not in the catalogue?
      • No. The catalogue is regularly updated, and the items are based on current inventory. If the item is not in the catalogue, then it is no longer in stock. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

    • Can a My FedEx Rewards Customer Support agent help me place my rewards order?
      • No, members must place their order via the rewards website.

    • Why do some rewards show a limited number available?
      • Some rewards have limited availability. Reward orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are redeemed.

    • How do I look for rewards within a specific point range?
      • Use the filters on the left side of the reward catalogue page to optimise your search.

  • My FedEx Rewards Customer Support
    • What are the hours of operation of the My FedEx Rewards Customer Support team?
      • The My FedEx Rewards Customer Support team is available and will respond to inquiries via email in the order in which they are received, Monday to Friday. Any request received outside of this timeframe will be answered the next business day.

    • How do I contact the My FedEx Rewards Customer Support team?

Do you need more information about My FedEx Rewards?

Contact the My FedEx Rewards Customer Support team.



The My FedEx Rewards programme may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. My FedEx Rewards points are available for qualifying shipments and certain exclusions apply. For more information and a complete list of eligible products and services, please read the My FedEx Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Questions? Please contact My FedEx Rewards Customer Support.